[Utilize your free time] App to foster your sense of rhythm

*This app is only available to iPhone users!

I looove to play fast. I never slow down otherwise someone stops me.

My former piano teacher was surprised how fast I played, though I never meant to go faster and faster.

Which means, I do not have much of rhythmical sense.

A long time ago I did, what I call a “Dance Dance Revolution Diet” and stayed on the DDR mat all day long, but the sense of rhythm was never fostered in me. Sigh

The beating rhythm of ukulele gets sometimes slow, and sometimes fast, and never gets stabilized. I hate seeing this on the vid I post on youtube…

I have found a perfect app to solve this problem!


This application is only for iPhone, but it is very nice to train your sense of rhythm.

It costs ¥600 (How much is it in US dollar… like $5.5?) to enjoy all the functions (beat and beat pattern), but free version has nice functions too. You can start from the free one before buying.

How to play: You keep tapping the downbeat while the app strikes the upbeat. You can see in real time the chart how exactly the downbeat was tapped. The closer the displayed value is to 100, or the longer the bar is displayed, means the more exact you are about rhythm.

You can choose the types of beats as above.

It’s a fairly steady app which requires your daily efforts and endurance, but I feel like I have been able to grasp the sense of rhythm more than before, so I guess it’s working! At first I was enjoying it for free, but after all I paid 600 yen to play the full version. It’s like.. you’re really on a training.

You can choose not only the beat patterns but the tempos. It’s quite easy to hit the downbeat with a slow tempo, but the more faster the tempo gets, the harder it becomes to stabilize your rhythm. It’s great to know straight away that your rhythm is unstable or not, because it simultaneously fosters your consciousness to the exact rhythm.


The sense of rhythm seems critical to playing jazz music…

For the time being, I use this app everyday to improve the sense of rhythm!

Speaking of practice using an app, there is an app called “ Play Ukulele ”, with which you can play ukulele from your smartphones. When you select a chord, a yellow circle will be displayed on the fret of the string, so it is perfect for memorizing the code. When you can not play the real ukulele, like when you’re on a train, you shall try using these apps.

My family gets mad at me when I play the ukulele until late at night, so it’s great to have these kinds of apps. Taking advantage of your free time sounds like you have grown smarter and more competent LOL


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