[Tuning] Breaking strings breaks your heart

This time I will talk a bit about the tuning of ukulele.

“Tuning” is the first high barrier after buying an ukulele that makes us suffer…

I have learnt how to play the piano, but let me say this since this is my first time for string instruments. Why in the world does the tuning go nuts so quickly!!

Anyways what I mean to say is “Use high-quality tuners”.


I bought an ukulele and a tuner without thinking much, I was like a travel-high when I was in Hawaii last year. But this tuner was the tough one. It was the one in a beginner’s set, yeah so the quality was proportionate to the price (cheap cheap cheap).

I did not know that the tuners’ qualities varied this much!! I though it was like a “buy and play” thingie.

I started tuning my newly-bought ukulele baby 🙂 The ukulele textbook I bought in Hawaii says tuning ukulele is like nothing.

Ha ha ha, curse on the freaking textbook! I turned, and turned, and turned the pegs, but the tuning NEVER went right.

It’s always half-sound below the one I want, though the strings looked so tightened up!!

But I believed in the freaking tuner and kept turning the peg…

Three seconds later the string broke down with a sharp sound, which was the time my heart was broken down too.

This truly is heartbreaking. I thought I’d swing down the ukulele and break it along with the strings and my heart.

I think the tuner had something wrong. Probably, well, definitely.

I do not know the absolute pitch, so I do not know where whether the sound was right without staring at the tuner display.

To those who are thinking to learn ukulele – DO NOT BREAK THE STRINGS! That’s my advice. It kills your motivation.

In order not to break your strings, you shall buy a decent tuner instead of shabby damn ones – otherwise you will have a heartache for sure.

You can never string your ukulele as easily as written in the textbooks! Decent tuners necessary to mitigate this problem.

At last, well, after the countless times of try and error, I could successfully string my ukulele. Thanks to that I can still enjoy playing it. Well, but, I never want to follow this awful steps anymore… which I’m sure will come someday again. FEARFUL


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