My fav ukulele video [Tea for Two]

I was vaguely thinking that it would be cool if I could sing with playing an ukulele, but when I watch a video of a good person, that feeling gets more prominent.

This time I will introduce a video that I really like and watch over and over again! The song is: Tea for Two.

It heals my soul just by listening to it!!

The mix of cute and beautiful sounds of ukulele and his sweet voice are simply perfect…. Every girl will fall in love with him when listening to this in reality, I’m sure.

How could he sing being so relaxed while playing a beautiful and complex melody? It is a mystery… I can’t play this melody, even without singing. Even if I get to play it, I will never be able to sing while playing this! I think I will be too overwhelmed and forget to breath when doing it LOL. His relaxed mood makes this vid even more soothing. The listener can watch it being totally relaxed, too. I think it distinguishes experts and beginners. We get pretty tired too when seeing a beginner playing a instrument being totally overwhelmed. Well, maybe it’s not limited to music.

In addition I thought, is this the garden of his house? Playing the ukulele for fun in such a beautiful garden like this seems so great… How elegant is that?

It’s nearly impossible to live in a hose with such a decent garden in Japan, but I wanna play my ukulele in some beautiful park when I get better at it!

A dream spreads <3


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